Fair Is My Love
(Released 2012)

Imparting the rich sounds of acoustics... with heart warming songs of a rejoicing groom, feel the passions of intimacy that Yeshua has for us through this soul felt album "Fair Is My Love"

(1.) Awaken My Love 
(2.) Fair Is My Love
(3.) Stream Of Her Heart 
(4.) Flower Of My Meadow 
(5.) Bride Of My Dreams 
(6.) At Your Beauty 
(7.) Skyline 
(8.) Gift Of Your Grace 
(9.) In His Time
Yahuwah Has Become My Yeshua
(Released 2011)

Indeed, YaHuWaH has become our Yeshua... (salvation) by giving us His eternal Son.  Moshe, the Prophets, and the ancient Psalmist all proclaim this truth.  The words resound for all time, and are put to music once again in David's new album "YaHuWaH Has Become My Yeshua."

(1.) YaHuWaH Reigns In Zion 
(2.) YaHuWaH Has Become My Yeshua 
(3.) Blessed Is He That Cometh In The Name  (4.) HalleluYaH, All Praise Be To YaH 
(5.) Psalm 67 
(6.) I'm Not The Same 
(7.) You Hear The Prayers Of The Righteous  (8.) Shalom Have They Which Love Thy Torah  (9.) YaH Has Chosen Zion
Betrothed To You
(Released 2010)

About 2000 years ago... Yeshua paid the Bride Price that we might become His Betrothed.  Now we wait in great expectation for His coming to sweep us away to the Wedding Feast.  "Betrothed To You" reveals the "Great Mystery" of Marriage while giving a worshipful, intimate experience with Yeshua, our Bridegroom.

(1.) There Is Coming A Day 
(2.) I Will Wait 
(3.) How I Love You
(4.) Betrothed To You
(5.) Walk In Liberty 
(6.) Yeshua Our Bridegroom 
(7.) Treasure 
(8.) All Praise To YaHuWaH 
(9.) Yes I Do 
(10.) Sanctify Me 
(11.) Ultimate Bridegroom 
(12.) Gift Of My Elohim 
(13.) Away With Me 
(14.) Lovely As Yerushalayim
All Ye Nations
(Released 2009)

With great sounding Messianic music, "All Ye Nations" marks David's third solo album and his first dedicated Messianic Album.  This CD beckons to the Nations to serve Yeshua the Messiah, who is the God of Israel.  With lively tunes, and lyrics inspired by Scripture, we hope that you will be richly blessed.

(1.) Hava Nagila/Offspring Of David 
(2.) All Ye Nations
(3.) He Covers Zion 
(4.) The Price Of Our Salvation 
(5.) The Fame Of The LORD! 
(6.) I Commit My Life To Adonai 
(7.) Yaweh 
(8.) Planted By The Rivers 
(9.) Salvation Is Here 
(10.) Deliver Me 
(11.) Living Water
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