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By David Martin
     What do you do after you've discovered the Name?  After you've spent weeks of brain reformatting to say “YaHuWaH” instead of “the LORD,” what do you do now?  The answer, enjoy it and share it!  Our Elohim hasn't revealed His Name to you so you can keep it to yourself.  His Name is meant to resound throughout the earth, here's some advice on how you can help do it.

Share The Name With Love

     We should want people to know The Name out of love for them.  Be understanding that just like we were, many Christians are completely oblivious to the fact that “the LORD” is not the Name of their Elohim.  The truth that we could have missed something so big is hard to believe.  After all, they've never read “YaHuWaH” in their Bible.  So share the Name with the motivation to bless them and not to rebuke them for being in the state we all were at one point.

Share The Name With Excitement

     It's true, the one Name everyone should know, not many know.  The Name has been suppressed, and attacked by the enemy, but the Spirit of YaHuWaH is moving with power on this area of restoration.  At times it may be appropriate to share your grief for the long history of ignorance in this matter, but more often than not we should be sharing The Name with excitement.  We didn't know, now we do, and we've been blessed beyond comprehension because of it.  Share with people your joy that The Name has been revealed to you.  Will they understand it?  Maybe not at first, but you will have presented The Name as source of joy to your life, and not as a source of bitterness.

Share The Name With Passion

Having said all this, should we be shy about why we say it?  Absolutely not!  The Name is not trivial, it's Scriptural.  Should we be slow to speak, yes but not weak in speech.  It's not a light subject, it's importance is beyond human words.  So we should present it as such, important, crucial, something worth standing up for.


With love, with excitement, and with passion, share The Name of YaHuWaH.  As followers of Yeshua and fellow bearers of The Name, we have a great responsibility to present and carry The Name of YaHuWaH to the world as best as we know how.
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