Conversation About The Name - 10-14-12 NEW! "Not long ago I was talking with someone on the phone concerning the Name of God.  For a while I've thought that explaining my use of the Name "Yahuwah" would be easy, until this phone call opened my eyes to a few obstacles..."
Three Important Points Of Biblical Education - (video!) "1. Who Teaches? - The Bible is very clear on who is expected to educate children; the parents, particularly the father.  This is a crucial element of Biblical education..."
The Gift Of God Through The Womb - (New Video!) "We don't have to examine the Bible for very long before we realize that God, and the majority of people in the Bible, have a very different attitude toward children than we do today..."
Training For Eternity - (You can listen to this article!) "Proverbs 22:6 is an important verse for us to remember when considering our children's education.  This verse gives us a clear principle..."
God's Sabbath: The Seventh Day - (video!) "The issue of how to honor God's Sabbath is a topic of sensitivity among believers.  Mainly, because we find it hard to break out of man made traditions, which are habits."
Tzitzits, God's Idea For A WWJD - (Video!) "Do you wear something that reminds you to be like Yeshua (Jesus)?  Maybe you wear a cross or a fish, or maybe you wear a shirt that has Scripture written on it.  Did you know that God has His own WWJD..."
A Good Reason To Homeschool - (Graph)
The Name Of God.pdf - 5-5-10 "Appearing over 6,000 times in the Tanakh (Old Testament,) and the Holiest Name above all names, God's Name is being rediscovered by thousands in our time. For although it's importance is unfathomable, it has for a large part been lost to us..."
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Yeshua's Work In The Name Of The Father.pdf - 8-23-10  "Now that you know our Heavenly Father’s Name, YaHuWaH, let us show you His Name as written in the Early Ancient He­brew Pictograph writings, which is the earliest form of Hebrew known to us..."
Dancing, Is It Scriptural? - 5-16-10 "Dancing.  Does the thought make you uncomfortable?  Isn't that something that only the heathen do?  Not at all.  Actually, dancing is very Scriptural and important in worship..."
Sharing The Name - 4-27-11  "What do you do after you've discovered the Name?  After you've spent weeks of brain reformatting to say “YaHuWaH” instead of “the LORD,” what do you do now?  The answer, enjoy it and share it..."
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