Interested in a concert at your congregation or home fellowship?  Please fill out the form to the right and you will receive a response as soon as possible.  I love to worship with other believers and look forward to meeting with you.

Currently, I am only available within the State of Alaska.   While I may not be able to fulfill every request, I will certainly do my best.

Blessings In Yeshua,
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The Official Website Of Messianic Music Artist David L. Martin
The Official Website Of Messianic Music Artist David L. Martin
Q:  Do you charge a fee for doing a concert?

A:  No.  My music ministry is supported by CD sales and donations.  For distances greater than 100 miles, a fee to cover fuel costs might be necessary.

Q:  Our congregation is not very big, would you still consider coming?

A:  Absolutly!  I've played for medium size churches, small home fellowships, and individual families. 

Q:  Do you play with other musicians or with a performance track?

Most of the time I play solo, and sometimes with a performance track.  However, if a congregation has a worship team that would care to play with me, I always enjoy that.
Sample Concert Videos: