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A journey of Faith has shaped my music to what it is today.  Worship was always a part of our home, as my mother would inspire me while she praised from her piano.  And when my father's call led us deep into the wilderness of Alaska, our household worship times began to bring forth new songs of praise.  Many of these songs are freely available on this website for your worship and enjoyment.  Our time in the wilderness has also been filled with study in the Word, which has brought forth fruits of understanding with regards to education, the family, the Congregation of believers, the Name of Elohim, the Biblical Holidays, and Israel.  Please take time to explore the articles and videos on this site to see a little of my heart and passion in these areas and others.  Yeshua the Messiah has called us to a great Kingdom, let us ever strive to be worthy of it.

Blessings In YaHuWaH,
YaHuWaH Has Become My YeshuaBetrothed To YouAll Ye NationsComing In The Clouds
Do You Know The Name Of The Heavenly Father?
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David's Instruments Of Praise - David Martin
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The Official Website Of Messianic Music Artist David L. Martin
The Official Website Of Messianic Music Artist David L. Martin
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